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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000342.txt from 2001/02

From: "Jim Hobby" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] To Dee - chaos being sold for freedom...
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 11:27:11 -0500

First Doug, I'm sorry that the [snip] offended you. I did that
intentionally, leaving only enough so that everyone would know to what I was
referring, because I get really irritated seeing a message that answers
another, without editing anything out. Some have a half dozen previous
messages, plus the same number of "how to unsubscribe" information. Waste
of space.

I *thought* my email reflected that I agreed with you. The mess boils down
to we are in deep s__t, societally, if something isn't done to correct the
problem. I still think music in the schools (with lots of clarinets <g>)
will help a lot of problems. It's just hard to get that idea over to the
school systems, it seems.

You're right, also, in that many parents don't care about their children.
While waiting for the transfer hearings I referred to in my earlier message,
they called the regular juvenile docket. Two cases had to be reset because
the parents were "too busy" to come to court, as required, with their
"unruly" child. (Judge suggested that if they didn't show up next week,
that they would be in a place (i.e. county jail) that he could find them
when he wanted them. <g>)

Dee: I agree that criminal action can be brought against the bully, and
perhaps a visit from the police would be benficial. As far as the school
having the authority to act, 1) they certainly act with their zero tolerence
<sp?> policy with things that bother them -- selectively, of course. (One
student expelled because, on his belt, he had a SOLID brass 3" replica of a
.357 magnum revolver as a belt buckle. They decided it was "a gun"!) and
2) they certainly tell us they are responsible. For the middle schoolers to
go to the high school by bus, parents had to sign a release, relieving them
of responsibility. A school in Nashville expelled a student for smoking
marijuana in a parking lot, off school grounds, after school was out,
because he hadn't gone home first. He had gone straight over to the parking

Also, I'll tell you that I dispise dealing with school administrators. Many
of them are gone-to-seed coaches that took the special administration
degree. I find that if you put half dozen of those together, you might come
up with one brain. Many of the others have forgotten what it was like when
they were teachers. I suppose the worst condemnation I can make of them is
they have all become bureaucrats. I find most incapable of original
thought. They can only react. (And it seems when they react in the
direction of the music program, they don't have a clue about what they're
talking about. <sigh>)


>From: "Doug Benoit" <>

>As the author of the original seed of this thread, I ask,
>have you read the entire thing? My paragraphs were snipped
>and cut, and not many people will be commenting on the
>entire prose, lousy as my grammar is!

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