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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000340.txt from 2001/02

From: Lacy Schroeder <>
Subj: RE: [kl] chaos being sold for freedom...
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 10:34:14 -0500

.....I recall - not so fondly - my dad giving my 5th grade teacher standing
permission to smack me at will. She was to be sure to let him know when
that happened, so he could amplify at home . . .

My junior high school (Western PA in the early '70s) still utilized corporal
punishment, meted out with elaborately decorated wooden paddles. They were
used infrequently in the end (so to speak), but kids were generally *very*


I remember when I was in grade school, the top disciplinarian was the sixth
grade teacher. He had a wooden paddle with holes drilled through it (for
aerodynamic reasons!), and across the body of it, it's name- Dr. Feelgood-
was painted. I remember sitting in class and hearing Dr. Feelgood in action
out in the hallway. I think it worked-


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