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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000246.txt from 2001/02

From: "Tony Wakefield" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] chaos being sold for freedom...
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 05:31:26 -0500

> A quote from and unknown source:
> "The parents are afraid of the children; the teachers are afraid of the
> parents; the principles are afraid of the teachers; and the
> They're afraid of no one."
> Jay Webler

And Government is afraid of anything other than an acceptable statistic.
It`s the same with crime. As long as the statistic reads, lets say 85%
stability, then a society with only 15% "delinquency" is "acceptable" in the
long term interest of government retaining popularity. We are led to
believe, indeed deceived by government, that it is tackling these problems,
but as long as the statistic remains constant at not more than 15%, (say),

I blame the collusion of GOVERNMENT and globalised INDUSTRY. We are
constantly in competition to reduce costs, reduce the wage bill, reduce the
workforce. And we are constantly encouraged, nay, whiplashed into working
harder and harder to become ever more efficient. What does all this do? It
reduces the amount of time we can spend at home with our family.

This next statement does not come from an unknown source. Let every
government and all industry hear ME when I say THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "ON
GOING EFFICIENCY". We all work as hard as we can. And we all have different
amounts of viability. Then at the end of the day we need a f - - - - - -
rest, and quality time with ourselves, and our family. This has been taken
away from us by government and industry. (The British govt. stopped the
annual increase in child allowance nearly 20 years ago. The present govt are
now re-thinking.)

But will the human being ever realise that. If I wrote a crap piece of
saxophone drivel, and some idiot TV producer put it into some blockbuster
program, all the kids would buy it, I would become a millionaire and I could
then employ those same kids for next to nothing - those same kids who put me
in that position in the first place. They would have to work their b - - - -
off and inevitably ignore their own kids, and <their> education, because
this is the way we have decided to administer our society.

<We> elect governments. How can we do that and then criticise them. This
fact contradicts what I said above
about where I lay blame. So the "full circle" is ever chasing it`s own
a - -h - - -.

Who has the answers?

I`m a realist, and I do believe we shall have to enter into another world
war eventually, (50 years, 100 years or so. And don`t let me hear <anyone>
say that they will not be around then) over de-forestation.

So I`m afraid that that 15% is indeed a practical target to try to sustain.
Nothing <can> be perfect. Sadly, some one will always inevitably suffer.

Tony W.

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