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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000233.txt from 2001/02

From: "Doug Benoit" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] To Dee - chaos being sold for freedom...
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 22:15:07 -0500

As the author of the original seed of this thread, I ask,
have you read the entire thing? My paragraphs were snipped
and cut, and not many people will be commenting on the
entire prose, lousy as my grammar is!

It's not THAT easy for parents who truly do not want their
own children in the first place. There are many parents
who, with poking and prodding, admit to "not wanting" their
own children, because of some regrets they may have. These
children are left to fend for themselves, and actually
develop an enjoyment from making other's lives miserable and
uneasy. It is there way to get attention or cry for help.

It's easy to say "do this, and it'll be all overwith."
These parents dodge their responsiblity as parents
deliberately, in most cases, and in other cases, simp[ly
have no clue how to LOVE and RAISE a child. A few parents I
know, who have NO CLUE, are Universtiy professors (no
generalizations intended). THese are the worse children
I've seen in all my life of Upper class families. Three
families, where both parents are University professors in my
neighborhood, have children who are sever trouble makers.

My theory, is that the caretakers and Nanny's are poor
replacements, and that it's a crying shame that these
professors brag of their children, and how they are so

CLUELESS...or GLUELESS, that is the question, Hamlet, sir.

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From: Dee D. Hays []
Subject: Re: [kl] chaos being sold for freedom...

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From: "Jim Hobby" <>
Subject: RE: [kl] chaos being sold for freedom...

> [snip] Unfortunately, the problem is having personal
ramifications for my
> My daughter, her husband, and three children moved in with
me some six
> months ago. The boys, in high school, are fine. My
granddaughter, age
> is having a terrible problem with a bully-boy in her
class. Little
> interaction but some verbal attacks that would have a film
of the
> rated "R". He happens to be the progeny of a
socially-prominent and
> politally active family. Neither the teacher nor the
guidance counselor
> seem to be able (willing?) to deal with it. Her brothers
want to go "take
> care of the problem," which of course we have absolutely
forbidden. If
> system doesn't do something positive about the problem, I
guess I'll have
> do what I don't want to: Sue the school for allowing a
hostile school
> environment to continue. I suppose as distasteful as it
is, it's better
> that the alternative.
> Jim Hobby

Why not charge the boy with assault for heaven's sake. Put
responsibility where it belongs, on the boy and his parents.
Do the
teachers or guidance counselor have the authority to take
action? They are
in a very sticky position. When a student was threatening
my older
daughter, we reported them directly to the police. A visit
to the student
and their parents by the officer was extremely effective.

Dee Hays

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