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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000219.txt from 2001/02

From: Jon Usher <>
Subj: [kl] Kanter Mouthpiece
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 12:39:32 -0500


I'm new to the list and after searching unsuccessfully through the indexes
(an awkward process at best), didn't see an answer.

I have been playing a Kanter "AA" mouthpiece for the past 15 years and have
been very happy with it. Have often received comments about what a nice
dark sound I get with my setup. Jim Kanter made it for me himself and I
was impressed with his workmanship and the time he took with me. Anyway,
my concern is that I understand they are no longer being made and that I
would like to have something available as a spare. I also have a Kanter
"A" mouthpiece but prefer the "AA" for my playing.

From what I understand, the "AA" is on a Chediville blank and the "A" is
on a Riffualt (sp?) blank ?. It seems that the "AA" is a fairly long
facing with a closer tip opening. The "A" appears to have a slightly more
open tip than the "AA". Both mouthpieces are fairly "reed friendly" and
don't seem to require much more than balancing a good standard cut Vandoren
reed (3's for the "AA", 3.5 for the "A").

My question is: what else is out there being produced that I can purchase
for a spare? The Vandoren M13 sounds like it may be a possibility but I
thought I would get this lists opinion on several options.

Thank you,


Jon Usher
Clarinet, EWI 3020, VL70-m and Neolithic Bone Flute made from the thighbone
of a bear.

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