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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000004.txt from 2001/02

From: Kent Krive <>
Subj: Re: [kl] A TV show about K. 621b
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 09:29:26 -0500

Hi Dan, et al,

One link to this film may be found at:

Scroll down to find the title "Anigma of K.621b." Click on it to find,
in French, the paragraph loosely translated below.

Mozart, the enigma K621b Thierry Nutchey and Olivier Julien France /
Belgium / Germany / 54 min a manuscript of Mozart conceals a enigma: is
it about the famous concerto K622 for clarinet of 1791, which has
strange similarities with the unfinished concerto for basset horn?
Gilles Thomé, clarinettist, researcher and factor of old instruments
devoted seven years of his life to seek the keys of the mysterious
manuscript and the instrument which does not exist: the basset horn in
g. di 6, 14h30

This may lead to more information...


Kent Krive

Daniel Leeson wrote:
> The following note was sent to my by a friend in Australia who said that
> she saw this show on Australian TV. Though her note contains minor
> technical errors (which I have left alone), it is certainly something I
> would love to see. Does anyone know anything about this?
> Note follows:
> Dan Leeson
> ======================================================
> The Title was "Anigma of K.621b".
> Written by Thierry Nutchey and Olivier Julien
> after an idea by Gilles Thome.
> The film was made by Art Symbols/Engstfeld Filmproduktion. France
> 3/mezzo. RTBF (television helge).
> Thome is a French/Canadian musician who was studying Mozart's clarinet
> concerto K.622 and was looking for the original manuscript. That, of
> course, is lost but a sketch of the first movement, allegro (K.621b) is
> available in a Geneva museum. Mozart wrote on the score "for a basset
> horn in G" and only changed it for a clarinet near the end of the
> manuscript.
> The story unfolds that there was no basset horn in G available in
> Mozart's time as far as we know, and Thome traces the possible
> provenance of such an instrument to a man called Theodore Lotz.
> In the film he finds three basset horns in G in a castle in Slovakia and
> in the end makes one himself.
> I am sure you will be able to obtain the film in America or Canada.
> Kind regards, Agnes.
> =======================================================
> I wouldn't even know where to begin looking for such a film. But it
> certainly looks interesting.
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> ** Dan Leeson **
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