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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000982.txt from 2000/09

Subj: [kl] Re: Silly things with Clarinets
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 14:35:07 -0400

In an earlier message Tony Wakefield asked:

<< I wonder has anyone come across some hugely "ridiculous" piece of writing,
including having to use strange gadgets, and would they be prepared to share
this with the list. >>

Tops on my list is an original masterpiece written for the University of Las
Vegas Wind Ensemble entitled, "Godzilla Eats Las Vegas." It is superbly
written with tongue firmly implanted in cheek. The composer's notes in the
score are absolutely hillarious. Unfortunately, I don't have them in front
of me. Essentially the work is a parody on all the Godzilla movies ever
made. It blends horror movie sound track with the sound of Las Vegas pit
orchestra. Especially noteworthy in the performance are the screams when
Godzilla first appears -- and the horns with bells up making very authentic
Godzilla/elephant cries. In fact, the first time the second flute player in
the Caltech/Occidental Concert Band screamed, our conductor (and first-class
Los Angeles free-lance trumpet player Bill Bing) almost had a coronary on the
podium. Godzilla also manages to crush Wayne Newton and Frank Sinatra.

We performed the work at Caltech in Pasadena last spring with a synchronized
slide show projected behind us. Stills from previous Godzilla movies and the
composer notes serving as subtitles. The climax of the work is an army of
marching Elvi finally conquering Godzilla. Of course no one can conquer
Godzilla, and so following the final note, a rather large member of the
ensemble, dressed in a studio rental Godzilla costume, chases the conductor,
appropriately costumed as an Elvis impersonator, from the podium and
eventually from the auditorium itself.

You shoulda been there!

Don Gross
La Canada, California

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