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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000851.txt from 2000/09

From: David Blumberg <>
Subj: [kl] Re: Sneezy Moving
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 19:31:09 -0400

At 04:15 PM 9/26/00, you wrote:
>Subject: Sneezy to move ...
>Message-ID: <>
>All good things must come to pass ...
>I've been told that the free T1 line that Sneezy's been on will be
>disappearing in 3 to 6 months. I'm making arrangements now to have a new
>line put in for Sneezy's use. The service disruption should be minimal.
>This also means that if you were thinking about getting a Web site hosted
>on Sneezy or sponsoring Sneezy this would be a good time :^) The line &
>electricity's going to cost about $4500/yr and the income I get from
>hosting and sponsorship doesn't currently cover the costs.
>If you're interested in either drop me a line. I will also be opening a
>small "store" on Sneezy in the next few weeks where I'll be selling
>beautiful hand-made greeting cards (made by one of the list members), wine
>bottle covers (hand made by Mrs. Sneezy) and probably single & double
>wooden clarinet stands made by a local craftsman (I'm going to personally
>check their quality since they ain't cheap). All profits go towards
>keeping Sneezy up & running, as all profits from Sneezy already do. I
>don't want to run another on-line fund raiser ... that original one was
>"not fun".
>Mark C.


Ouch!! What does it mean, and how can I help? What makes the biggest
impact for you Mark?

David Blumberg

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