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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000791.txt from 2000/09

From: David Blumberg <>
Subj: [kl] Re: Beethoven Trio (but not the one we know
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 16:44:31 -0400

The Beethoven is correctly titled by the Opus #, and I did also write
arr. as it was not his regular Trio for Clarinet, Piano, and Cello

Haven't listened in a while, so I do hope there were only 3 players on it
(or I messed up!)
Yes - Abe's performance of the Brahms is really good! He has the Krommer
Concerto, and an Orchestral Arrangement of the Schubert Shepherd on the Rock

here is Abe's link

At 04:15 AM 9/25/00, you wrote:
>Daniel Leeson <>
>Subject: Re: [kl] Amici Trio up to #1 in Chamber Music for a week now
>Message-ID: <>
>David, I got on line with this url and the playing is just wonderful.
>However, from time to time, a work is misnamed. For example Valdepenas
>is advertised as playing the Beethoven trio, but what comes out when
>this is requested is the Beethoven piano/wind quintet.
>There is some very tasty playing there. Av Galper's performance of the
>Brahms' quintet is remarkable.
>David Blumberg wrote:
> >
> > The Amici Trio (Toronto Symphony Principal Clarinetist J. Valdepenas) has
> > been the #1 chamber group on for a week now! Their page features
> > the Beethoven Trio op 16 w/piano arr., and the opus 38 Quintet - free
> to hear.
> >
> > is their page - I'm Summit Records rep, and they
> > have it there. Several other works on Summit Records are going up soon also
> > (Clarinet stuff).

David Blumberg

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