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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000667.txt from 2000/09

Subj: Re: [kl] more about Brahms
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 00:04:52 -0400

Of course each recording i going to be a personal
choice for each person. At the risk of being shot down
in flames I am not a fan of Stoltzman at all ( I have
heard him refered to as Smoltzman ) but I have heard a
number of different recordings over the years. My
teacher has the Leister recording and it is
beatuifully played, (I have his recording of the
quintet and it is also wonderful.)I have a recording
of Leopold Wlach doing the Sonata's and the trio..very
good recording and I have heard Klocker playing them
as well...not my favourite recording I'm afraid. This
is a small selection of the recordings I have heard
and I know there are hundreds of recordings but my
favourite recording to date of those I've heard is,
(as Roger mentioned earlierin his post) thew Jonathon
Cohler recordings. One down point of his recording of
the Sonatas is that they are on 2 separate
discs....Cohler On Clarinet features the first and
More Cohler On Clarinet features the second. But to
look at the bright side, you get to hear him playing
quite a few other great pieces. Incidently, If you
want to hear some incredible playing get Cohler's disc
The Clarinet Alone. Incredible playing in my opinion.

All the best
--- William Wright <> wrote: >
For the purpose of participating in this
> discussion, does anyone
> wish to dissuade me from purchasing Karl Leister's
> recording? The
> other candidate appears to be Thea King.
> (Stoltzman recorded it also,
> but he is not at the top of my personal list.)
> Thank you
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