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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000574.txt from 2000/09

From: (William Wright)
Subj: RE: [kl] being expressive in Italian
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 12:51:21 -0400

<><> Roger Garrett wrote:
Or Bill, consider that you might be an even truer musician because you
don't overanalyze it?

Certainly this is a piece of the puzzle. The meanings conveyed by
language are, on the whole, more specific and unambiguous.
Can you analyze music in your own mind without using words? I'm
talking about analysis in your own mind, not about communicating your
decisions to other people.... <heh! heh! except communicating by
playing it. I tripped myself up there, didn't I?>

Perhaps the truer musician is the person who responds to/produces
"espressivo" without falling back on words and names? who simply
'feels' it? I don't know if I like that idea or not.
Certainly my instructor has, for almost a year now, been guiding me
towards "let go, just play the odds and do it". That's an important
phrase -- play the odds -- because it means: "Gamble, take a chance,
don't analyze it first." And of course, when you're playing, there
isn't *time* to think everything out carefully.
Maybe someday soon, I'll be able to leave language behind. I'm
certainly thinking about trying. I know there is a method of music
instruction that doesn't let you look at printed music at all.

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