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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000549.txt from 2000/09

Subj: Re: [kl] Re: old is not as good as new
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 22:34:39 -0400

I did not mean to imply that old is always worse than new. I think many
times it depends on many variables including but not limited to the care (and
storage) of the old instrument and the quality of the old instrument (student
line vs. professional line). I would think a professional instrument would
probably but not necessarily be better taken care of in the first place and
probably last longer due to better workmanship and quality of materials.
I know that there are many older instruments out there that play as good
and better than new instruments. I certainly did not mean to offend your
Blayman Buffets. I am sure they and your C are instruments that are like
fine wine. I also did not mean to say that old clarinetists are not as good
as young ones either. I happen to be of the "older" generation myself.
My point was that generally I feel (personal opinion only, not many facts
to back it up) that most new instruments have better key action, better
tuning and better response. I do not mind if a student has an older
instrument as long as it is one of the brands I personally encourage them to
have (that is probably where my prejudices come into play) and it is good
working order with a quality mouthpiece and reed. I have checked some of
those instruments and they are no longer of playing quality and I still feel
that the money required to put some of them back in top shape (several
hundred dollars) can be better spent on a new instrument. There are others
that bring instruments that are older but definitely repairable for only
$100- $150.00. Those I recommend be repaired. I play on a 1979 Buffet RC
and my back-up is the Selmer 9* I got in high school in 1966, so I really
don't have anything against old instruments. Your statement about how one
hears things is certainly valid. As I listen to old recordings of
clarinetists in the 20's and 30's and compared with today's players, the
tuning today is usually better than it was then. Those players were great
players, but possibly the pitch was not expected to be as good as it is
I just think that newer is generally better than older, but not always. I
am sorry if I insulted anyone, especially you Dan. I was just expressing my
personal opinion. I know there are others with other opinions.
James Marioneaux

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