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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000450.txt from 2000/09

From: Gary Truesdail <>
Subj: [kl] Re: To Whom it may concern:
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 02:39:36 -0400

Here it is. For the one (I don't remember who), who needs to bolster his own
ego by flaming the first hand experiences, ideas, theories of others.

You made a comment as to my statements regarding a reed that is left on the
mtpc overnight will become compressed and therefor suffer damaging effects to
the tone and response of the reed. . Your attack was very eloquent and, I
feel, quite unapproachable syntactically, as many of your sentences had
segments that did not relate to the rest of the statement.

I purposely left a reed on my mtpc overnight then then had it measured with a
machinists quality Fornier (spelling) caliper by an experienced machinist.

The thickness measurements were taken lengthwise over the area of the cane
bark that is directly above the flat portion of the lay and then projected
further down the reed so that the second measurement would include that
portion of the reed that would have theoretically been pushed into the opening
of the mtpc if the other area had been compressed as I suggested..

After obtaining the measurements my conclusions are that the portion of the
reed over the flat table, the area that contains the bark, becomes compressed
when left on a clarinet mouthpiece overnight. The area of the reed that is
over the opening of the mouthpiece does not become compressed and ends up 2
thousandths inch thicker than the other area, effectively pushing it into the
opening.. This leaves the flexing portion of the reed, the part that does
most of the vibration, 2 thousandths inch thicker and closer to the facing
than it would be if it had not been left on the mouthpiece overnight.

To me, (maybe different for you), two thousandths makes a big difference
especially in situations where, as an example, in some of the Mahler
symphonies the clarinet, with bells up, is supposed to add tonal color to to a
brass choir playing fortissimo. Maybe you have a magical mouthpiece or maybe
you have a source for blessed cane, or maybe you can play any mouthpiece and
any reed and obtain the desired characteristic results for any composition..
If so you are blessed. I'm sure many people are willing to pay fortunes for
your secret..
It was disappointing to observe your attacks upon the personal experiences of
another without regard to the fact that these experiences may be true and not
have originated in a fantasy world. To accuse me of putting forth ideas that
may contaminate the thinking of others and to infer that such ideas are
tantamount to useless garbage that should not be publically disseminated is
unconscionable and can only come from some need to block other ideas so that
your own teachings may be regarded as superior to all others.

I am sorry that you consider yourself El Dio Del Donax. You must have
enjoyed yourself when composing your diatribe directed at me. However, I do
offer my compliments to you for your skills as a wordsmith. You are able to
compose statements that are very difficult to counter. I wish I had the same
skills. It would be fun to play verbal chess with you even if what we had to
say was meaningless. Just remember, when we are all gone, no one will care,
for there will be new people with new ideas and new mouthpieces and
instruments that will prove us all to be on only the beginning steps of a
journey to unattainable perfection.

Gary T

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