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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000406.txt from 2000/09

Subj: [kl] dating a gold-plated Penzel-Mueller Artist?
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 18:48:01 -0400

The other clarinet I bought on this weekend's rural Pennsylvania safari is a
16-key metal Penzel-Mueller Artist, gold- plated with silver-plated keys. I
bought it under the vague impression that it was one of the better metal
clarinets (gold plating seems less common than silver), but may have paid too
much for it ($50). What I've found subsequently in the Klarinet Archives and
on the Bulletin Board indicates the Artist is student quality or possibly
intermediate quality. I'd like to know more about it, especially the age.
The serial number is K19xx. (Dept. of odd coincidences: The other clarinet I
bought also has a serial number of four numbers preceded by K, but these were
different brands, different dealers and different flea markets.) Sneezy and
the Music Trader site don't have Penzel-Mueller serial numbers and I haven't
found them anywhere else. Anyone know a source? Any other information much

Maybe the logo would help with an approximate date. The logo is a triangle,
with a treble clef inside it at the top and a pair of sixteenth notes in the
lower left corner. In the middle of the triangle, it says,

Artist Model
Long Island NY

I've found descriptions of P-M clarinets in the Klarinet Archives with logos
that sound different than this one. Anyone know approximately what years P-M
used this triangle logo?

The barrel detaches, but otherwise the instrument is in one piece. The bell
is soldered on. The gold plating is in scratched-up condition. There is a
slight ding in the rolled rim of the bell that I wouldn't expect to affect
the intonation. Everything else except pads and corks looks pretty good.

The case has blue velvet lining and is contour-shaped, with brown keratol
covering. The case has the look of the 1920s and 1930s, but no logo. It may
not be the original case.

The mouthpiece is a plastic Penzel-Mueller Artist Model #3, but may not be
playable. It's got a small chip in the upper surface of the tip and a deep
scratch into one of the rails. Black epoxy fill and a bite-guard over the
little chip might deal with it, but the scratch could cause trouble.


Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 13:13:13 -0666
From: "Shadow Cat" <>
Subject: RE: [kl]gold-plated Penzel-Mueller
Message-ID: <shadowyforces666>

I'm making my stupid pet human type this. Everything about that
screech-stick is trouble. For Bast's sake, tell her the horrid thing is
worthless and she should get rid of it. I don't want her to put it out for
the G*rb*g*e Tr*ck Demon, though, because the Demon will take the evil
screech-stick and nurse it back to health and we all know what that means.
She should take it out back and bury it.

I *knew* those cases had screech-sticks in them the minute I smelled them.
You know what those humans did? They shut off half the power in the house
when they left for the weekend! And they're not allowed to stay out
overnight in the first place. They shut off my Shrine of Edison-Ra in the
living room! They're just asking for more bad luck.

I know my rights. I'm entitled to my table lamp. They shut off my Shrine
because the ceiling is falling down in what they grandiosely call the music
room (actually a small study, where Kevin practices his violin) and the
so-called music room is next door to the living room with my Shrine. They
said they shut off the power to that part of the house while they were gone
so if the ceiling did go and take the ceiling light fixture with it, it
wouldn't start a fire, but I know the real reason was to inconvenience me and
make me miserable all alone here. The other Shrine isn't as good as my

Today they pulled down the cracked gypsum board without getting killed. They
made a gigantic mess. They didn't expect the pieces of the ceiling to be so
heavy. When the biggest piece flipped over and landed, two of the 4-inch
nails drove themselves all the way into the wood floor. If my humans had
been killed, who would take care of me? They were worried about having to
get rid of books upstairs if the floor joists were giving way, but the
problem was just the 50-year-old gypsum board, installed incorrectly, they
said. The house looks like the county dump with all the furniture from that
room jammed in the living room.

I know what really happened. The man who built the house wrote "second floor
joict" in great big letters on the wood. Typical humans. Everybody knows if
you spell a word wrong, the whole spell fails. If he'd spelled it "joist"
then the screech-sticks couldn't have done their dirty work. As it was,
screech-stick yowlings from upstairs and violin yowlings downstairs conspired
to vibrate the nails out of the joists. The humans say not, but I know
better. Now they're going to plaster and sand and paint with smelly paint
and all sorts of things I don't allow in here. They will probably lock me in
the basement (w)rec(k) room. I like it in there but it's illegal to *lock*
me anywhere. It isn't fair. And they moved my litter box. It's all
because of the screech sticks.

Shadow Cat.

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