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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000371.txt from 2000/09

Subj: [kl] Okay, all you mpc gurus...)
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 22:15:19 -0400

Shouryunus Sarcasticii <> wrote,
>So I finally get my new (well, new to me) tenor/clarinet in the mail, both
>complete w/mpcs. The stick is a wooden evette schaeffer - fairly old,
>serial K2936. The mouthpiece is also ES, and appears to be plastic.

Dept. of Major Coincidences.... Kevin and I decided to celebrate our 30th
wedding anniversary by doing something completely new and dif-- naaaaah.
That would be bad karma. We don't want new and different. We want 30 more
years (for starters). We're great advocates of marrying young and dumb and
then warping in the same direction. But, anyway, in the interests of
Upholding Tradition, we headed north, to the fleshpots of Pennsylvania, i.e.
the rural flea markets, where I found two clarinets. One is a wooden one,
probably Bb. The logo is just an oval dotted line, with "Evette & Schaeffer"
around the top, "Paris France" in the middle and "Modele Buffet-Crampon"
around the bottom. Below is an additional line, "Made in France." The logo
appears on all the pieces. The serial number is K2479. It's a conventional
16-key Boehm system. How does that compare with yours, Maestro Sarcastico?
I don't yet know how mine plays, either, because the corks are off and the
pads are icky.

The mouthpiece is hard rubber, marked, "Evette & Schaeffer." The dealer, by
way of encouraging me to quit dithering, helpfully pointed out to me that the
instrument came with a reed. "A lot of clarinets don't come with reeds. You
can't play a clarinet without a reed." Well, that's true, but I don't know
what sort of important vintage reed this might be, because it's firmly stuck
to the mouthpiece. I do hope that soaking it in water will unstick it,
because I would so hate to destroy this valuable artifact, although I think
in the interest of historic preservation, I won't play on it. No, I'll just
*preserve* it in a place of honor. ;-)

I'll write about the other clarinet tomorrow. I'm tired. Oh, but one other
big coincidence -- I passed up a Henry Pourcelle boxwood clarinet in A, in
bad condition with at least 5 cracks, offered for US$525, misrepresented as
18th century when it clearly wasn't . But what *was* it? Came home to see
what I could find out about Pourcelle, an unfamiliar name to me. There on
the klarinet bulletin board was a most helpful thread about Pourcelle! Glad
I didn't buy it....


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