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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000321.txt from 2000/09

Subj: [kl] Buffet vs. Selmer Bass Clarinets
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 20:50:37 -0400

In a much earlier message Neil Leupold wrote:

>> I spoke to Linda Brannen this morning. Brannen Woodwinds will no longer
work on Selmer 37's (what I currently own, much to my chagrin), indicating
that Buffet's latest iteration of their professional bass clarinet is so
superior that they no longer waste their time with the Selmer.>>

In honor of Dan Leeson, of all the subjective crap posted to KLARINET, the
opinion of Ms. Brannen certainly is right up their with the best. While she
and her husband are certainly welcome to their opinion, it seems to this
bass/contrabass clarinet player that it would be of major help to the members
of the KLARINET list if the Brannens were invited to compare the latest
"iteration" of both Selmer and Buffet bass clarinets to establish a basis in
"fact" (whatever that is) for their pronouncement. Their reputation as
tecnicians is legendary, but without an explanation, their opinion is really
no better (or worse) than any of the members on the list. Does anyone know
the Brannens well enough to invite them to back up their opinion with
specifics? Looking forward to an answer...

Don Gross
La Canada, California

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