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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000315.txt from 2000/09

From: "Mark Charette" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Spohr Aria
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 16:33:49 -0400

From: "Jeffrey Boehmer" <>
>Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me information on how to
> get a copy of the sheet music to the Spohr Aria, "Ich bin allein" for
> soprano, clarinet and piano.

Published by Nova.
> PS Also, if you could give me any other ideas for any high soprano
> and clarinet works, aside from "Der hirt quf dem felsen", they
> would be greatly appreciated.

This list may prompt a few comments from Klarinet members:

Adler,James - The Haunting
Avshalomov,Jacob - Two old birds
Beaudoin,Paul E. - A Ringing bell - song cycle
Bell,Elizabeth - Millenium
Bialosky,Marshall - Three songs
Biggs,A. Douglas - Time of day
Blair,Philip Bruce - Advenimiento
Bliss,Sir Arthur - Two Nursery Rhymes
Bononcini,Giovanni B./Emperor Joseph I of Germany - 3 Viennese arias
Butler,Martin - Three Emily Dickinson songs
Cave,Michael - Elegy - op. 16
Cave,Michael - Lines to the sea - op. 17
Cave,Michael - Two songs - Sands [and] To life - op. 21
Cecconi-Bates,Augusta - Serious songs
Childs,Barney - Seven Epigrams
Connolly,Justin - Poems of Wallace Stevens II
Cooke,Arnold - Three songs of innocence
Davis,Sharon - Though men call us free; op. 2
Dubiel,Joseph P. - Three songs on poems of Wallace Stevens
Dvorkin,Judith - Marpessa
Endrich,Thomas J. M. - Steps
Epstein,Paul A. - Three Songs
Ferritto,John - Oggi - op. 9
Finnissy,Michael - Beuk o' Newcassel sangs
Garwood,Margaret - Six Japanese songs
Gaveaux,Pierre - Aria ( From Le Trompeur trompe )
George,Earl - Three songs from Valentines and graffiti
Grahn,Ulf - A Clear midnight
Grahn,Ulf - From dawn to dusk
Hartzell,Eugene - Time pieces : five songs
Hook,James - Three songs
Horvit,Michael M. - Three sonnets of William Shakespeare
Hovhaness,Alan - Saturn, op. 243
Jacob,Gordon - Three Songs
Jankowski,Loretta - A Naughty boy
Jazwinski,Barbara - The Seventh night of the seventh moon
Kalliwoda,Johann Wenzel - Heimathlied, op. 117
Kreutzer,Conradin - Das Muhlrad (In yonder valley)
Kupferman,Meyer - Three Blake songs
Kupferman,Meyer - The conceptual wheel, a cycle of three songs on lyrics of
Michael Benedikt
Lachner,Franz - Frauenliebe und Leben, op. 82 & Lyrisches intermezzo
Loeb,David - Echoes from timeless pasts : aboriginal poems
Marsh,Roger - Another silly love song
Mayer,William - Enter Ariel
Meyerbeer,Giacomo - Shepherd's song
Miller,Shaun F. - Dreams
Moss,Lawrence - Ten miracles : a song cycle to children's poems
Mowitz,Ira J. - Apeneck Sweeny
Mozart,Wolfgang Amadeus - Non Piu di Fiori
Mozart,Wolfgang Amadeus - "Parto! Ma tu ben mio"
Orban,Gyorgy - Szopran-klarinet kettos
Paer,Ferdinando - Beatus vir
Panseron,Auguste Mathieu - Tyrol qui m'as vu naitre
Perrin,Peter A. - Six Mediterranean places
Pope,Conrad - Wanderers Nachtlied II
Price,Deon Nielsen - Songs on Texts by Carol Lynn Pearson
Roosevelt,J. Willard - Three songs from Poe
Rorem,Ned - Ariel; 5 poems of Sylvia Plath
Sarti,Giuseppe - Aria in Bb
Schiboni,Barton A. - Love lyrics
Schubert,Franz - "Totus in Corde Lanqueo" (From Offertory in C)
Schubert,Franz - Salve Regina
Sclater,James (Klarinet member) - Four Songs on Texts of Emily Dickinson
Seiber,Matyas - Drei Morgenstern lieder
Shifrin,Seymour - Rest sweet nymphs
Singer,Jeanne - To stir a dream
Snyder,Randall - Voyages through the Inland Sea
Sokolov,Elliot Ben - Callings
Spohr,Louis - Six German Songs, Op. 103
Starer,Robert - The ideal self
Tarlow,Karen A. - Renascence : three songs
Taylor,Clifford - Two songs, op. 5
Turok,Paul - Two songs, op. 59
Udell,Budd A.- Two songs for soprano, clarinet and piano
Vaughan Williams,Ralph - Three Vocalises
Waters,James - Songs of life
Wolosoff,Bruce - Reflections on the stone

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