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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000262.txt from 2000/09

From: Gary Van Cott
Subj: Re: [kl] Bass Clarinet Multiphonics
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 22:14:24 -0400

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"David B. Niethamer" <>
09/07/00 06:36 PM
Please respond to klarinet

Subject: Re: [kl] Bass Clarinet Multiphonics

on 9/7/00 10:41 AM, McBride, Jerry wrote:

>In Espace/Brume by Hitomi Kaneko for marimba and bass clarinet there are
>multiphonics which I am unable to play the printed pitches with the
>fingerings given. One of the main things I do not understand about these
>multiphonics is that they all have a very low fundamental note, such as
>Ds and Es which cannot possibly sound witht the given fingering. I have
>consulted Phillip Rehfeldt's book, New Directions for Clarinet, and the
>Bartolozzi book but do not find these multiphonics listed there. Does
>know of a source that would help me to play these multiphonics or have
>personal knowledge of how to produce them?

One source you haven't mentioned is "The Bass Clarinet of the 21st
Century" by E. Michael Richards. It is available from E&K Publishers, 89
Dewey Avenue, Fairport NY 14450 (USA), or you can check

All this according to an ad in the latest issue of "The Clarinet"



David Niethamer
Principal Clarinet, Richmond Symphony

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