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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000122.txt from 2000/09

From: stewart kiritz <>
Subj: Re: [kl] ClarFest CD's
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 23:14:37 -0400

To All,

This is not a clarinet -related question but perhaps someone here can help.
My daughter (16) is a pianist who has become interested in the music of the
Brazilian composer Ernesto Nazareth (1864-1934 or so). There are a few
simplified versions of his pieces in print, but the good stuff, which you
can hear on cd's, doesn't seem to be available. Does anyone have any
suggestions for locating this great music? Or know of a source online that
could help me?


Stewart Kiritz

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From: "Gary Truesdail" <>
Subject: Re: [kl] ClarFest CD's

> Relief players - what a luxury
> At Lake Tahoe and Reno, 20 years ago and earlier, there were entire relief
> bands that would rotate each day from one show to the next for the
> establishments giving a day (night) off for the house band. They would do
> read through sometime during the day and the show(s) in the evening. They
> were awesome players and any one of them could play, and improvise when
> called for, any style music that the conductor wanted. I heard some of
> rehearsals and it is interesting to here a band that could at one moment
be a
> great big-band jazz group and have the entire band change their style of
> playing, using the same manuscript, and sound country-western, 40's, or
> other completely different style.
> Does anyone know of working bands that do the same thing?
> Neil Leupold wrote:
> > --- mark <> wrote:
> > > Hmm ... I had always been told that the Associate Principal was the
> > > fiddle???
> >
> > You're confusing 2nd fiddle with 2nd clarinet. Associate Principal/Eb
> > does not typically play 2nd clarinet parts -- that's what the person
> > ting in the 2nd clarinet chair is for, and that's typically all (s)he
> > plays. Associate Prin./Eb is the orchestra's Eb specialist, in addi-
> > tion to filling in when the Principal player elects to pass on a par-
> > ticular part. The relationship between the two is not the same in all
> > orchestras. In some ensembles, the two players are veritable equals
> > and divide the principal playing efforts evenly. In other groups, the
> > associate player might just get the musical scraps, i.e.; the Principal
> > player will sit out the overture to Candide and the Dvorak cello con-
> > certo (let the associate player take principal on those) to save his/her
> > chops for Rachmaninov Symphony No. 2.
> >
> > Neil
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