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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000795.txt from 2000/07

From: "Antoine T. Clark" <>
Subj: [kl] Carbonare recording of Brahms/Mozart
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 02:58:54 -0400


Ok after reading all the great posts about Alessandro Carbonare I =
had to go and find a CD by him. I found one that has the Brahms and =
Mozart Clarinet Quintets on it. Wonderful and imaginative playing. Most =
of all I like the way he phrases and plays with dynamics. I am very =
curious about this artist and will continue to buy CDs by him. However, =
I did not find the recordings of these two great works to be the best I =
have heard. In my opinion, I don't think it stands up to David Shifrin, =
Anthony Pay, or Harold Wright. In the last movement of the Mozart I like =
the way he embellishes some of the passages. I am not too fond of the =
tempi that he takes in the 2nd and last movements of the Mozart. The =
ensemble moves faster then I would like. And the 1st movement of the =
Brahms sounds too rushed. Well not to sound too negative, I do like his =
sound, very clear and not muffled. I think it blends well with the =
strings, which is great since these two works both utilize the clarinet =
not as a soloist but as a member of the ensemble, something that you =
would not hear in Weber;s quintet. =20
His technique is wonderful and he has a very good legato style of =
playing. I think he is very musical and I am sorry that I did not =
discover him sooner. I just want to say that the biggest thing that =
bothered my in these recording is that I felt that the ensemble as a =
whole did not let the music breath. Maybe I am just used to listening to =
Shifrin, who takes a lot of time with his thoughts. I feel we should not =
totally judge a clarinetist by another because we all have different =
opinions and ways of playing, but that one aspect of the recording made =
me feel uneasy when listening to it. But if anyone has a recording of =
this CD please tell me how you feel.
But hey this all my opinion. I like these recording and I am glad I =
bought them for my collection. I keep saying I don't need anymore =
recordings of the Mozart or Brahms but whenever I stumble onto a great =
clarinetist like Carbonare I am willing to pay for another =


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