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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000539.txt from 2000/07

From: "Tony Wakefield" <>
Subj: Re: [kl]Stanford clt cto/Daniel Wolff
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 13:32:26 -0400

Sorry, I don`t know the Stanford either, but I know the sonata. First and
last movts quite romantic. But I can`t take "folk" music or <folk style>,
metamorphosed as <serious composition>, which is what the middle movt seems
to be. I do believe Stanford was a product of a little too much "academic"
which thrived in the British Iles 125 years ago; his music not containing
the final "bite" that is required
to transform a competant composer into a great originalist.

I for one, would indeed be interested in listening to the Brazilian clari.
BUT - - -as you say, it consumes 26
Mb, and is 25 min. duration. My observations over the last 20 years is that
opera apart, most serious orchestral new music seems to be of shorter
duration than earlier 20th cent. composition. Chamber music also. I can
immediately think of only Ben. Britten and Gorecki (spelling?) who have
written long instrumental scores. There must be a few others alive today,
whose music will probably, and unfortunately have to wait until the 22nd
century before their music is heard. And not by them!!!
I think I am beginning to peceive that serious, young/modern instrumental
music is beginning to metamorphose into what I would term "intellectual pop
music". We are continually witnessing
young minds being unable/incapable of <sustaining> interest for more than a
few minutes - the "short attention" span syndrome, due to the crass
bombardment of media hype/crap. Is this afliction affecting and infiltrating
the younger serious music audiences? Can <they> only sustain interest in the
"film" music type
"quick fix" sound byte 5/10/15 minute compositions? We do see and hear an
enormous amount
of that kind of composition - <serious> composition. Is it affecting the
composers also? Am I right in this perception?
It`s wonderful when a serious composer <can say> enough in his music to
sustain the audience`s
attention for 25 min. or more, but in this instance, for an unknown (outside
South America) composer
to write 25 minutes of solo concerto, is this perhaps a project of folly, to
"hope" the rest of the world`s
young audiences` will be able to enthusiastically "take this music home with

After <that> 24 1/2 min. opus,could we have a short biography of the
composer please? Will he allow it on Klarinet?

Finally, praise in it`s ultimate, to you Gary, for preparing and performing
this project. I hope it succeeds.
Please be assured that the aim of my rantings has not been to critisize, but
perhaps to only encourage debate.

Best Wishes,
Tony W.

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