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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000482.txt from 2000/07

From: "Rien Stein" <>
Subj: [kl] tunes for a 9-year old, not "a shameless selfplug"
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 19:21:56 -0400

Hello listers

I understand that the last few days a number of people are looking for good,
pleasant methods to teach the young ones. I will repeat something I have
said on this list before: De Haske Music Publishers from Heerenveen, The
Netherlands, have brought a very fine method onto the market, named "Horen,
Luisteren, Spelen". I am using it with almost all of my students, from a now
eight years old girl for clarinet to a 72-years old woman, that started last
year on tenor saxophone, and they all are ernthusiastic about the books.
Maybe, because *I* am, but probably because the books are really fine. They
contain everything at least I consider important for a good method: ear
training, finger dexterity, breath control, whatever you want. And uses
well-known tunes from all over the world.

The books are for very diverse instruments: flute, keyboard, clarinet,
saxophone, percussion, and so on, all the instruments used in windbands, and
some more. The books all are based on the same sound principles, but are
written by professionals on these instruments. The exercises are very
diverse, the slow learner can find what it needs without any other help, the
quick one can skip the easier exercises, and combine the book with for
instance the method of Jan van Beekum, edited by Molenaar Music in
Wormerveer, also in the Netherlands, which on its own would be unusable, but
makes a very good complement to the De Haske books.

To make one thing clear: I have no interest, financial or whatever else, in
De Haske or Molenaar, I am just one of their clients. From the place I live
to Heerenveen it is about 130 kilometers, almost an hour and a half by car,
and thus too far away to be practical for a job, I think. Besides, I am just
a "hardcore" jobless person, as I was 52, when the project I was working on
before was finished, and I was too old to find me a new job. (In a way that
is not as sad as you may be thinking: I have many interests, and even hardly
can find the time to study clarinet more than two or three hours a week.)

Hope those who visited the clarfest enjoyed it. When it is closer to
Maartensdijk, and thus within (mainly financial) reach, I hope to be there,
too, but when will that be? I only learned about the clarfest in Oostende
last year when it was too late ... Maybe some year it can be organised in
combination with the Utrecht Conservatory and the Concert Centre Vredenburg
in Utrecht, or in Amsterdam?


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