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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000244.txt from 2000/07

Subj: Re: [kl] Goodman/Mozart
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 00:06:20 -0400

Hi all,

I have been catching up on my e-mails from the list
(it's amazing how quickly they all accumulate when you
fall a couple of days behind!) and came across
discussion on the Mozart Concerto as performed by the
late great player Benny Goodman.

I have always loved his jazz playing and IMO his
recording of the Copeland concerto is the definative.
With the discussion before my eyes, I thought to
myself I would put on the recording of Goodman doing
the Concerto while I was reading through my e-mails.
(I bought the recording on disc a few years ago
replacing the LP I had as a kid.) The thing I remember
most about this particular recording as a kid was my
teacher saying that she thought it was a mistake for
him to record it! Still, it was (like many it seems on
the list) my first recording of the Mozart.

OK. Having just put it on, I couldn't sit through the
first movement without moving to the third in the hope
that it may have improved as it went through. (The
following is my PERSONAL opinion please note!) The
playing is concervative (nothing wrong with that) but
the tone do I put this???.... aweful. It is
very shrill and the intonation quite frankly is all
over the shop. At no time does he sound very
comfortable in what he is doing. It has to be my least
favourite recording of the Mozart Concerto and I have
come to the conclusion that perhaps my teacher all
those years ago may have been right.

I have numerous recordings of the Concerto of course,
my favourite possibly the Michael Collins 1999
recording on a modern reconstruction of a Bassett
Clarinet. On a "normal" A Clarinet, I think you would
be hard pressed to beat Karl Liester. Of course like
all things, each individual has his or her likes and

This comment on the Goodman recording in no way takes
away from his playing ability etc ( I am a huge fan of
Sabine Mayers playing but I have a recording of her
doing the Copeland Concerto that in my opinion isn't
up to her usual standards. Like the Goodman Mozart,
All the notes are there but she doesn't sound very
comfortable in the style.)

Can I suggest that you have another listen to the
Goodman Mozart and make your own conclusions. In no
way do I want to stop people from diagreeing with my
impressions. These are my 2cents worth after all.


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