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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000098.txt from 2000/07

From: "F. S. Sterns" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Bass Clarinet/EBAY
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 13:58:50 -0400

This is, no doubt, a minority view but having been stung by an active seller on
eBay, I am about as negative as anyone can be about buying instruments through
an on line auction.

There is, from my viewpoint, one immutable guideline that must be adhered to if
you are considering an eBay sure you can get your money back if

I won't bore anyone with the story of my unhappy experience, but there seems to
be just as many unethical as ethical sellers in that forum. FSS

Jim Hobby wrote:

> I would like a bass clarinet. While I would love a Selmer wooden clarinet,
> like my Bb/A set, it's not feasible, financially. It's only use would be to
> play in a community band that rehearses once a week and for personal
> practice. (I'll never play professionally, again, but I still enjoy
> playing, and the bass was always a pleasure for me.)
> Some time ago, it was suggested that I look on EBAY. I have done so,
> periodically, but am unnerved looking at prices for BCLs at $275, and so
> forth. I understand the principal that you get what you pay for, but from
> anyone who has dealt with this service, what can one realistically expect?
> The person that told me about EBAY bought a wood Leblanc for about $400, and
> spent $100 fixing it up. (I've seen student line BCls advertised for under
> $1000, new.)
> Some suggestions, please.

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