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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000034.txt from 2000/07

From: "Jim Hobby" <>
Subj: [kl] Subject: extra keys & fingering question
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2000 23:16:51 -0400

I have all of the keys you mentioned, I think. My clarinets (Bb & A Selmer
Paris Series 9* set) are "almost" full Boehm systems; that is, I have all of
the keys except the Eb1a/Bb2a key that was on the bottom of the instrument.
(When I tried out the new instruments, I felt that key made for a stuffy
sound, which has been argued before. <g>

I use all of them. They prevent having to work backwards to figure which
fingerings you can use. This is particularly true of G#1/D#2 on the left
side. I like the right C#1/G#2, because I have a weak left pinky, as far as
trilling purposes go. The articulated C#1/G#3 key improves the pitch in the
middle of the instrument, since the hole goes through the tenon joint. I
was told it made the joint weak, but they've lasted almost 30 years w/o any
problem along that line. The extra ring for me improves the tuning of
Eb1/Bb3, when you use the T1x3|xxx fingering.

As far as the keys on the standard instrument, I use all of them fairly
equally. (Well, the top two trill keys don't get too much use.) I had the
advantage, I suppose, that every teacher I had from start through high
school to be clarinet performance majors. One of the requirements was that
we work scales using both "sides" of the clarinet. The Eb1/Bb3 keys, for
example, we had to play the chromatic up using, for example, the right key
and then use the left key as we came down. After a few years of that,
alternate fingerings become second nature. <g>

Jim Hobby

>From: jim & joyce <>
>Subject: extra keys & fingering question
>All the high end horns are offered with a variety of extra
>keys. The one's I am familiar with are
>seventh ring
>extra trill key played with left hand pinkie
>right hand banana key between first two fingers on right
>hand which plays C#/G# [only offered with articulated C#/G#]

>How many people have any of these keys on the clarinet they
>use. If so, do you use them.

>And if you have a standard boehm, do you ever use the banana
>key between the second and third fingers of your left hand
>(d#/f#? -- or have I missed the purpose entirely?) I find
>it very awkward to hit and never ever use it.

>jim lande

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