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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000019.txt from 2000/07

From: Noelette Stout <>
Subj: [kl] Re: extra keys & fingering question
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2000 17:18:04 -0400

jim & joyce <> wrote:
> How many people have any of these keys on the clarinet they
> use. If so, do you
> use them.

My clarinet has all of these extra keys, and I use them to differing exte=
I very rarely use the sliver key for C#/G#, but I have experimented with =
it in different situations. I have found the 3rd ring on the top joint to=
very useful in that it provides yet another alternate fingering for Eb/Bb=

(D#/A#). This fingering (1st finger and 3rd finger l.h.) is very useful f=
going from C to Eb in the chalemeau or G to Bb in the clarion. I also fin=
d the
l.h. Ab/Eb key to useful. In my own experience, I have found that these e=
keys offer a wealth of alternate fingerings that aren't possible without =
I also think they make some of the more standard alternates a little bett=
But that's just my opinion :-)


Noelette Stout

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