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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001220.txt from 2000/04

From: David Blumberg <>
Subj: [kl] [C] MP3 stuff & Kalman Bloch
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 22:27:15 -0400

"Ian Black" <> Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000
19:43:22 +0100 Subject: Re: [kl] Re: Ad ...but if you merely include Ad
instead of [C] or [Ad] then you'd also filter out all the posts which
include Advice Adorable (?) Admirable (?) Ad Nauseam ...and if case
sensitivity is not an issue Bad Trad Stadler (amongst others) I favour the
square bracketed code letter(s) or word. All the same, I do like the
"commercial" posts and won't be setting a filter on my email program.:-) Ian.


I would rather not post then have folks set filters. Thanks Ian - discount
for you.

I just found out that I am the #4 ranked Promoter on the entire site!!!!!
That is really, really big news for Classical, and as they are about to
divide $50K among their artist promoters with the most at the top and
graduated from that - I'm not complaining. I'm adding Kalman Bloch
performing Klezmer works - beautiful stuff - for Jewish music fans - a
treat!! Before that though - adding Sean Osborn's Quintet Clarinet &
Strings - nice work, heck of a good composer.

Kudos Mark for your Radio Station!!! About time someone else does something
to promote Classical Recorded Music on the Internet.

David Blumberg

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