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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000864.txt from 2000/04

From: "Randy S. Miller" <>
Subj: re: [kl] Klose
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 00:00:01 -0400

!Sent: Monday, April 03, 2000 9:13 PM
!Subject: Re: [kl] Klose

!You are so right about the printing of the Klose Method. Two or three
!of a page and the whole page falls out. My students loose pages right and
!left. They used to print front and back on a double page then sets of them
!together. I still have my Klose book after more than 30 years (yes, it was
!practiced a lot so the pages did get turned quite frequently for many
!years). I wish I could contact someone at Carl Fischer about the lousy
!binding job they do now. Thanks for listening to me vent.
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Carl Fischer is not the only culprit with such poor binding techniques. IT
I had some brief experience with bookmaking while in graduate school
studying to be a librarian. The trend nowadays is to do it as cheaply as
possible. Personally, I'm surprised that Carl Fischer, or the (few
remaining) music publishers haven't hired people who know how to use a drum
scanner (Scitex scanners come to mind at this point, as I have 2 brothers
that are printers and have worked with these beasts) and put their entire
catalog in Adobe Acrobat format (which is pretty much a universal file
standard, now that Acrobat-knockoff readers now exist for Linux as well as
BeOS, as well as every flavor of Unix I can think of, let alone Windows and
Macintosh), and sell these files to the general public via web or FTP

and the hellhounds of 5th Ave.

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