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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000804.txt from 2000/04

From: chr <>
Subj: [kl] Excuses
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 14:50:05 -0400

A few years ago, my husband and I compiled a list of 50 excuses we have
heard over the years from our students about why they didn't have enough
time to practice. Here they are:
1. I was sick.
2. My two brothers were sick.
3. My grandma threw my clarinet book away with the newspapers.
4. My clarinet was (is) broken.
5. I had to study so much.
6. I always forget.
7. I had to pick hops.
8. I had to pick fruit.
9. My mother had a headache.
10. My hands hurt after working in the garden.
11. I had to watch my little brother and sister.
12. My Grandpa (Grandma) had a birthday.
13. I didn't feel like it!
14. My brother hid my music.
15. I went skiing.
16. My band had so many rehearsals.
17. I had afternoon school so often.
18. I didn't have any reeds.
19. I thought I didn't have to do those pieces any more.
20. I was too tired.
21. I went swimming so often.
22. The things assigned me were too hard.
23. I was at my aunt's house on the weekend.
24. My school class partied too long again.
25. I looked at cars with my parents.
26. My little sister always cries when I play.
27. The baby had to sleep.
28. My exchange student from France (England, etc.) was there.
29. The neighbors complained about my playing.
30. I couldn't find what I was assigned.
31. I had a headache.
32. I had a blister on my lip.
33. The painter was there and put all my things on the balcony.
34. I couldn't remember how to finger the new note.
35. I couldn't count the pieces right.
36. I had to practice so much for my band.
37. I had to practice so much bass clarinet.
38. I had communion.
39. I was gone with my class for a few days.
40. My finger was injured.
41. I had so much homework.
42. It always squeaked when I played.
43. I cut my finger on the bread machine.
44. The pieces were all so boring.
45. I had to go to a music theory course.
46. I had hay fever.
47. My tooth aches when I play this song.
48. My clarinet didn't fit in the car. (why didn't practice in vacation)
49. I had a sore throat.
50. I stayed overnight at friends.

Cindy and Don in Germany

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