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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000754.txt from 2000/04

Subj: Re: [kl] Re: Stuff that drives me nuts!
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 17:44:20 -0400

Please comment, if so inclined, I'd like your thoughts on this tip curve business, but to paraphrase the
toiletpaper manufacturers, "Please don't crush the fibers!"

Well, I guess I raised a ruckus!

I am sorry, I did NOT intend to desparage anyone.

The point I was (not so) subtley trying to make is that our "clarinet lore" is exactly that - folk lore.

Much of what we have heard, even from our most respected teachers, often does NOT bear up under examination. I believe this is one....someone PLEASE show me a pinched fiber, and demonstrate that the "pinched fiber" is diminishing the tone of a certain reed.

My guess is that somebody made this up. This is in the same class as "blow-out". (OH NO....let's not start that one up again!!!!!).

Using a reed clipper is an established part of clarinet reed adjustment.

I have seen an established "artist" level clarinetist -who will be unnamed - but all would recognize, pull the reed off his/her mouthpiece, clip it, put it back on, and continue playing beautifully, right in the middle of a professional rehearsal.

This individual - one of the top in the profession - was clearly NOT worried about "pinched fibers".

All reeds are clipped. How else do they get that round edge on them?

.....WG pictures hundreds of little grey-haired French ladies, in rocking chairs, using fingernail scissors, as the thousands of Vandoen reeds cascade past them on the assembly lne.........

If your reed clipper damages your reeds, get a better one........or plan on throwing away 30-40% of the PLAYABLE reeds in a box.....

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