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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000731.txt from 2000/04

Subj: [kl] Early Clarinet
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 13:09:22 -0400

Members of this list who also subscribe to the Early Clarinet list might want
to go to

and read the site's Privacy Policy, before deciding whether or not to
continue with that list. Please slog through the standard, boring reassuring
lingo and read *all* of the Privacy Policy carefully, then interpret it with
a suspicious mind. Apparently, Onelist merged with E-groups some time ago.
I was unaware of that until yesterday, when a different list owner changed
from a different provider and notified his subscribers. I can't prove
anything and could be mistaken about the connection, but after reading
between the lines of the E-groups' Privacy Policy and working out the dates
when I suddenly started receiving targeted spam despite my (previously
successful) precautions against it, I have unsubscribed to Early Clarinet and
to all other lists now connected with E-groups.

I hadn't sent any mail to the Early Clarinet list in awhile and never noticed
when the e-mail address changed. I saved the Early Clarinet digests and
can't find any message notifying subscribers about the switch. The change in
the mailing address happened between Digest 166 and 167, sometime between
March 16 and April 3. However, in going back through the mailing
information buried in the pile of mail-routing babble at the bottoms of old
digests, I notice that Digest #152, on December 27, 1999, came through
onelist,com as usual. Then there was a big gap with no messages (this is not
a very active list), and then the mail began being routed through
as of Digest #153 on January 27, 2000 -- with no notice to subscribers. I
imagine most subscribers rarely need to visit the Onelist (now E-groups) web
site itself and thus wouldn't have discovered the switch independently. (I
don't know when the Onelist site formally gave notice online, for that
matter.) I hadn't looked at the web site in months, until yesterday. If the
Early Clarinet list owner had given subscribers notice, I would have read the
E-groups site and then bailed out of all my Onelist e-lists immediately,
before E-groups took over and grabbed the chance to collect all of Onelist's
subscriber names. Am I just more dense than my neighbors, or did a whole lot
of people get sucked into E-groups this way?

"Trust No One"
"The Truth Is Out There"

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