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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000517.txt from 2000/04

From: Topper <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Dyslexia and Music Students
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 12:16:51 -0400

At 08:47 PM +0000 4/11/00, wrote:
>There are so many ways to approach the creation of music. The first step
>with a student that has some other way of learning ( who says it's a
>_dis_order?) is to find his/her strengths and current coping mechanisms.
>I have a beautiful photo of a Lego piano built by a "learning disabled "
>kid. He clearly showed his understanding of the piano, but not in a
>traditional, academic method. He had the strongest breath control of any
> 6th grade clarinetist I 've ever taught. So, from those strengths we
>worked on other necessities.
>Written music can be viewed as pictures and patterns, shifting the
>learning from the left to the right side of the brain. We can put
>chocolate chip notes on staves drawn on paper plates and eat our music
>afterwards ! Music can be colored according to chordal analysis. One
>can use theatrical lighting gels as an overlay to better connect with the
>written page. The brain works well with color - very individualized.
>Learning music from the aural to the written is often helpful. You hear
>a three note passage and then write it down. It is great fun to be
>creative with teaching music. The "special" learner need to connect with
>an open, experience teacher who can work "outside the box".
>Certified Music Therapist
>Fire evacuation order : humans, pets, clarinets

Commendable! Now the trick is to get the powers that be to have teachers
trained with this knowledge in and put them in every school. This is
another reason why music education should be improved on a national level.

The other trick will be providing that record companies be purged of the
money mongers so that this proliferation of subliminally marketed garbage
does not prevail. In such a music that celebrates an American third world
culture that promotes violence and debauchery as well as English that is
spoken so porrly I have a hard time understanding even the teachers in the
NYC area.

Cheers, Leo
"You Take The High Notes" There is a
difference between "dealers" and musicians that love not only the sound of
music but the tools wchich make it possible for people to play music. It's
important to set things free so they may ultimately find their way to
their intended parties. A musical instrument or a pert can change a life
and if it does it is always for the better. A family collection for sale
and auction. I am especially interested in Musical Instrument History and
technical data. Please email me with interesting links. Thank you:-) Leo

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