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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000515.txt from 2000/04

Subj: RE: [kl] The Jewish scale vs. several Arabic Scales
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 12:15:01 -0400

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> Subject: RE: [kl] The Jewish scale vs. several Arabic Scales
> Oops. I accidentally sent a an empty reply yesterday. Sorry... Here's the
> text:
> I'm glad you found this helpful. I encourage you to go for it. If you're
> into jazz, check out David Krakauer, Don Byron's Mikey Katz cd, Andy
> Statman.
> Several years ago there was a thread on this group about klezmer
> clarinetists. It interested me enough that I bought a Klezmatics cd and a
> Klezmer Conservatory Band cd. I was hooked. I'm not Jewish and never heard
> this stuff as a kid. I just love the emotions of klezmer and how the
> clarinet is used. I now have a few dozen cds, a stack of klezmer music
> and, ... a band!
> Last fall I helped form "Meshugga!," the first klezmer band in Arkansas
> (as far as anyone knows). We've played several gigs for the Jewish
> community and have been well received. We've had a good response from the
> Jewish community and have had no complaints about our music not being
> "pure." I knew we were on the right track when an octogenarian came up
> after a performance at the Synagogue and said "I've been coming here all
> my life and never heard this music live, this is great, keep it up."
> Of course, there are some benefits to being in the provinces. When you are
> the only fish in the pond, you are beyond comparison. Klezmer isn't
> exactly esoteric in NYC.
> -Jim
> Little Rock, AR
> THIS ( is extremely "cool stuff" as they say. I have
> always been moved by this music when ever I had the chance to hear it.
> Thank you for this url! The only time I had ever heard it has been at
> friends' functions I have attended on occasion. As a bass player and not
> Jewish I always found myself at the point where THOUGHT: "well if I find
> there are records and I buy and I listen to them I will start
> incorportaing some of this into my jazz solos" and if I really liked it I
> might start trying to play it in its pure form, and that might not only
> appear silly but offend someone especially if I did it badly.

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