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Subj: SV: [kl] Re: klarinet Digest 9 Apr 2000 20:15:01 -0000 Issue 2167
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 03:32:01 -0400

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Subject: [kl] Re: klarinet Digest 9 Apr 2000 20:15:01 -0000 Issue 2167

> To Astrid,
> Whomever said being a "Swedish" clarinetist was easy? You could have =
> "Frenchie" Horn player. At least my lips remain pure. This is not by =
> but by=20
> =

My original message clearly stated that this was a parent's point of =
view and not Astrid's. She is enjoying it, but I can see how tired she =
is at many times and how much demands from various teachers and the =
society are put on her. You must also remember that all of her other =
teachers are having the same ambitions as her music teacher. An example =
of that: one thursday after an exceptionally long orchestra rehearsal =
she was not very concentrated on her math lesson (we came home one =
o'clock at night). Then her math teacher remarked that she was going to =
have lower points in math due to a lack of interest in math but =
prioritizing clarinet playing. This was done in front of the whole =
class. A general remark from all her other teachers is that she could do =
better if she did prioritize their subjects more, and she has some of =
the best scores of her school!

Higher IQ because of playing?
There are three siblings in the family with seven years apart. The =
oldest one has finished his university studies (he is probably a =
colleague of Mark Charette, studied computer science) and number two is =
studying at the university of Gothenburg right now. There is a =
difference which we have found between the two and Astrid. Since the =
music has forced her to organize her day from a very early age she is =
very focused whatever she is doing. I do not think that she has a higher =
IQ than the others, but when doing homework for instance she is much =
more focused than was ever the other two. Almost nothing could disturb =
her work. Her teachers are saying the same thing about class hours. =
Several of them have been teachers of at least number two of the =
siblings as well. Also since she has been playing in orchestra since she =
was 10 she has learnt to take responsibility. She was principal clarinet =
already at the age of 13 and had to take responsibility not only for =
herself but for others much older than she was. That =
responsibility-taking is also spilling over to other parts of her life. =
For instance she is the other pupils choice for ombudsman of harassment =
for the whole school. She has also come to trust herself and dares in a =
way that the other two never did at the same age. Discipline in general =
is also something that you must learn quickly if you want to remain in =
an orchestra. There is no way that you can start arguing with the =
conductor during rehersals as you can do in the ordinary school, it is =
also not accepted that you arrive there and do not know the part that =
you are supposed to play or coming late for that matter. She has learnt =
to know when to argue and when not and to accept when somebody is not =
going to change their way of thinking, and if the orchestra should not =
fail at the next concert she has to exercise her parts at home =
thoroughly. After all playing in orchestra is one of the most =
challenging group-works in this world where the orchestra will never =
play better than their worst musician.

We believe that this comes from her playing. We also believe that these =
findings are very positive long term whatever she will choose to do as =
an adult. Mom (who is a university trained sociologist) and I do believe =
that the music have given her certain qualities outside of music itself =
that she would have never obtained had she not been playing. Thus we try =
to encourage every kid who says that they would like to try an =
instrument and there are many asking since she is rather wellknown for =
playing in our small society. Better intelligence we do not believe in, =
but a better way of using the time for study in general, concentration, =
responsibility, discipline and daring we believe will give her better =
scores than the other two ever had. She has already proven that in the =
school today. If at the same time she gets a higher IQ on testing so =
much the better. Apart from doing something that she enjoys, I believe =
that the above findings are reasons in themselves to start playing and =
maybe also to get higher scores on an IQ-test (which do not necessarily =
mean that you are more intelligent).

I know that this is not a scientific study, but we have come to believe =
that playing could learn a young kid a lot of things not otherwise =
learnt today outside of music and other team activities, which will =
affect their studies and coming life.

Bert Amten

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