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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000334.txt from 2000/04

From: chr <>
Subj: [kl] Re: lesson fee
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 01:46:28 -0400

My private students are handled like this: when a new student start, the
parents fill out a form with their bank information. I take this form to my
bank and every 4 months at the beginning of a trimester money is taken from
their account and put into mine. If a student misses his lesson, I usually
don't have to make it up unless I know ahead enough to rearrange the lesson
for another time. I'm allowed to be sick once a trimester without having to
make up lessons. If a holiday happens to land on the day of their lessons,
the lessons are canceled. Any time there is no school, there's no lesson but
I still get paid. I get paid for the whole year including the 6 week school
summer vacation. Of course a student can quit end of April, end of August or
end of December.
I teach private students one day a week and the rest of the week, I teach at
the city music school. There it's even easier because I get paid by the city
and don't have to worry about the money at all. If I know enough ahead of
time when lessons are missed, I try to reschedule them if possible. Usually
if they miss because of sickness, it doesn't get made up or if a student is
gone the whole week. If I'm sick, I can miss one lesson per student per
trimester without having to make it up. For the music school, I get 13
months pay per year.
I've never had trouble here about getting paid. I only have one private
student where it doesn't run over the bank. He's always late paying because
his family has real trouble getting the money, but so far, they have always
paid me. When I lived in Utah, I had to worry about getting paid with every
single student I had. Some never did pay me. One still has a Rubank method I
loaned. They were so dishonest. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about
those things any more. I feel very fortunate with the way it's run here in

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