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From: LeliaLoban@-----.com
Subj: [kl] Non-swinging crocodiles
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 03:46:37 -0400

Tony Pay wrote,
>[snip... In the Brahms Clarinet trio], try the result of playing ever so
slightly faster, rather than slower, at the beginning of the bars; or at the
beginnings of the phrases, when these are longer than a bar. (This also
gives 'relaxation space' towards the end of the bar or phrase.)>

>Language example:>

>Crocodiles mostly fornicate slowly.>

>If you say the preceding sentence, not too fast, imagining that the
beginnings of the words show a regular steady pulse, I think you will detect
that it's natural to speed up the beginnings of the three-syllable words and
slow down the beginnings of the two-syllable words.>

>Then passage Q becomes, say: >

>Crocodile A
>And crocodile B
>Were chattering
>Under a tree.



>Anyone want to try completing and/or modifying the poem?-) >

I overheard the conversation that took place as the crocodiles chattered
lazily, while fornicating slowly....

Crocodile A
Said, "Crocodile B,
That musical
Watching for free!"


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