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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000609.txt from 1999/06

From: Roger Shilcock <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Kohlert clarinets
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 04:47:10 -0400

I don't know much about abut old instruments like this, but the odd bits
of mechanism extending from the R.H. keywork could be part of an automatic
speaker-key changeover facility. Maybe some of it is missing....
Rogr S.

On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Mark Bradley wrote:

> Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 15:49:10 -0400
> From: Mark Bradley <>
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> Subject: [kl] Kohlert clarinets
> Newsgroups:
> We were doing end of the year cleaning at my school, and my band
> director mentioned that he had an alto clarinet and a bass clarinet that
> his father bought at a tag sale.
> The alto was in playable condition, besides being quite old it also
> hasn't been used in a few years. I played it a little while, it will
> take a little getting used to because they were open holes, not
> plateau. Comparing it to a LeBlanc alto i thought it was nicer, in
> fact. Today I took it entirely apart, we'll be cleaning out the tone
> holes, keys, and will replace a few pads and corks (I kept sticking
> myself on the needle springs, but the resulting jaw harp sound is worth
> it, haha). The only real flaw in the instrument is that there was a
> crack in the upper joint around what looks similar to an S.K. mechanism
> although it seemed a litle different from what you usually see on altos
> and basses. It was filled in though, it is not pretty but it does the
> job. Oh and it only goes to low E.
> The bass clarinet is not nearly as good. All of the keys *appear* to be
> there, on or off the instrument, but there are several screws missing.
> It only goes to low E also. While looking at it, pads and corks (and a
> few keys) were falling into my lap so it would need a lot of work. It
> seems to be rather old. The wood is very light in color (although dried
> out) and looks like rosewood, a lot like barrels of cocobolo that I have
> seen (and will hopefully buy soon!) Also, this I found rather curious,
> connecting to the resonance hole which is operated by I think the third
> RH finger key (?)--i think this is on every bass clarinet, there is a
> lever which extends up the instrument and mirrors the usual bridge a few
> centimeters over. This rod continues up the side of the upper joint and
> connects somewhere in the register vent mechanism. What is the purpose
> of this? The instrument is unplayable so i can't really try it myself.
> Both clarinets are made by Kohlert. The alto clarinet says:
> Kohlert & Co. Winnenden
> Made in Germany
> The bass says:
> V. Kohlerts
> Sons
> Graslitz
> Chechoslovakia
> Bb, LP, and a neat little star
> The serial number for the alto is 21333, the bass is 261765, if they
> have been stolen we would not mind returning it, his father paid $50
> total for both.
> Now, other than the questions contained above, I am wondering a few
> things. Can someone tell me about Kohlert? Generally did they make
> good instruments (the alto certainly seems nice)? Also, what is the
> value of the alto (once we put it back together) and maybe the bass,
> although this seems almost a lost cause.
> My teacher said he'd trade the alto for an old plastic soprano Signet I
> have and would give the bass for $25, I want to make sure I wouldn't be
> ripping him off or him me.
> In any case today was my first time playing an alto clarinet, it was
> very interesting and the open holes were a challenge. Not to mention it
> was really fun taking the keys apart, the alto had some interesting
> mechanisms I haven't seen before.
> Also, we may be putting a *little* bore oil for the alto, all the pads
> and keys are off and it seems like a better time than later. I have
> forgotten the procedure since I never do this on any of my other
> clarinets. We'd also like to oil the keys and screws, he has a little
> vial of key oil with a dropper cap, is this okay? We read in a repair
> book something about a hypodermic needle, but the pictures showed it
> being applied with the keys on the instrument.
> Thanks for any help or information.
> Mark
> --
> Mark A. Bradley
> Chazy, New York
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