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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000606.txt from 1999/06

From: David Blumberg <>
Subj: [kl] re: Tube
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 22:00:24 -0400

Before you give up on your R-13, be aware that quite often the
problems with R-13's are related to the register tube (the metal tube
that suts under the pad of the register key). On my first A clarinet it
was too long and it made all the throat tones flat, the low range
unusable and the whole horn STUFFY. Look into your horn
and see if the register tube extends too far into the bore. If you don't
know how far is too far, look at the Selmer. Essentially, a too-long
register tube will extend more than about a third of the way into the
bore. If yours goes almost half way in, its too long. If this is the case,
I can tell you how to get this instrument into great tuning shape.
You can e-mail me back if that's the case and you want to pay only $100 or
so instead of $1800 for a new horn.
Fred Jacobowitz
Clarinet/Sax Instructor, Peabody Preparatory


Fred, I'm the US dealer for the Galper Register Tube - It wasn't me who's
posting referred to the a bad tube. I had my own A Tube replaced 10 years
ago. I myself play a set of Prestiges that I am very happy with - and hope
to remain content with it at least till my 2 yr old is out of College ;)
It was someone else who had complained about their clarinet. My set I've
had for 10 years now, and no problems (they were setup by Mark Jacobi).

David Blumberg
Have you heard?


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