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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000532.txt from 1999/06

From: "Antoine Clark" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Larry combs
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 19:04:37 -0400


Something that I noticed about Mr. Combs' playing is that his legato
playing and backswing was consistent. Even in the most technical parts of
the Debussy and Brahms pieces he never jarred the horn. I got a chance to
talk to him and he was very nice. There is a summer workshop this summer at
DePaul, I wish I could go but circumstances will not allow. I think that all
those who will attend will find that it will be a great experience to work
with him.

About the clarinet, I know that it is the not the tool that makes you
sound great all the time. I remember my teacher telling me that in a lesson
with Mr. Robert Marcellus, Marcellus asked to play his horn. He was amazed
that Marcellus sounded like himself although it was not his horn. Last
night was the first time I heard an Opus LeBlanc. I notice some differences
in the instrument like tone and intonation after hearing Buffet horns all my
life. Yes I fully understand the Mr. Combs would sound amazing on anything
even a Kazoo as Mr. Charette put it. But I think the horn was a factor as
well. I have had my Bb Buffet for 5 years now and I would like to get a new
horn before going to Graduate School in 2000. I am just going to look at
other lines of clarinets, now that my Bias attitude has been destroyed.


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