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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000509.txt from 1999/06

From: "Patricia Smith" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] NY Times article
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 19:56:24 -0400

Oh my. I feel that perhaps I failed to clarify one thing - I am sure that
not all of these folks are "crooks or cheapskates". I apologize to those
who do these things honestly and with good intent. And, for the record, as
far as failed musicians go, we are failures in our own eyes and no one
elses. Each of us makes his or her own choices in life and we live with
them, happily or not.
I merely wished to point out that many people do not understand the
business end of putting on any sort of production; and even if they are
great artists/producers/directors-in-waiting, money used imprudently is
still money used imprudently. Perhaps all of us would do well to educate
ourselves regarding the business part of musical and theater enterprises,
especially if we work in that arena, union or no. It is amazing how easily
money can "disappear" when one tracks a business' transactions. Perhaps the
ideas to sell are "more (and bigger) is not better", and, "do more with
less", meaning fewer unnecessary ancillary features and more attention to
the main thrust of works, such as the singing and the (live) accompaniment
and how well it conveys what it is supposed to convey.
The ideas of the gentleman who suggested live music parties, in which
amaeteurs and professionals perform for their families and friends were
intriguing. I have very small children and would never take them to an
opera or symphony performance; however, the thought having a group of
friends play informally in my home sounds like great fun and a learning
experience for my children not to be missed. I, for one, do not think that
live music will disappear from the earth; I do think, however, that we need
to educate a wider public about what we do. For myself, I do the best I can
to do what I do best, teach private lessons to youngsters, and, eventually
teach begnning band, once my little ones are older. There are a number of
you out there I have studied with andI admire all of you who play the
clarinet for a living. Keep on keeping on.

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