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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000491.txt from 1999/06

Subj: Re: [kl] NY Times article
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 10:12:49 -0400

Micheal asked:
>This is the kind of stuff that going to put the rest of us out of
>business!! Any thoughts?

Judging from a graduation party on Sunday that featured live music (clarinet
clarinet trio, violin, and piano):

There were a few children at the party who had never really heard live
music. Rapt attention was given to the performers by those children,
even though the music was (gasp!) classical - Schumann, Weber, Debussy,
Saint Saens, Poulenc, Mozart, Mendelsshon, and a couple others, I feel
much better about the success and future of live music.

Watching a squirmy 8 year old and a fidgety 5 year stop what they were
doing, sit on the floor, and not move their eyes off of the performer
was gratifying.

In fact, because of the success in having live music at the party,
a few of us are going to schedule "music parties" every 4 or 6
weeks - pot luck affairs where we can get together & play our
instruments for friends. In fact, my middle son's promised to try
and get his high school jazz band to play at one of the parties
and use it as a "rehearsal" before they go and play at the Detroit
Montreax Jazz festival.

It's time to bring back "personal" music; I've been listening to
CDs and records way too long, and going to "professional" concerts
with the whole family just costs too much to be a regular thing.


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