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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000448.txt from 1999/06

From: Jack Kissinger <kissingerjn@-----.EDU>
Subj: Re: [kl] Re: An interesting new commission
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 20:53:35 -0400

Dan Leeson: wrote:

> According to today's NY Times, the work is in a state of being written
> at this moment. Beyond that, I can't answer.

>From (English) liner notes to the CD, "Der Golem:"

"In 1995, [Betty Olivero] was commisssioned to compose music for Giora Feidman
and the Arditti Quartet to accompany, in live concerts, the famous 1920 Ufa
silent movie, "The Golem: How He came into the World" by Paul Wegener. This
composition premiered in April 1977 in Vienna.

'Der Golem -- Suite and Zeks Yiddishe Lieder un Tantz' [music presented on the
CD in lieu of the original score] is an adaptation of the original film score to
a reduced concert version."

While it is possible that Betty Olivero has been commissioned to provide new
material to accompany the movie, my guess is that, this time, the Times got it
wrong and David Krakauer will join the Arditti to perform Olivero's original
(or, perhaps, a revised version of her original) score.

(I haven't listened to the CD yet! ;^( )

Best regards,
Jack Kissinger
St. Louis

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