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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000403.txt from 1999/06

Subj: [kl] Basset clarinet in Bb made by Steve Fox
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 20:52:51 -0400

Klarinet is a wonderful asset. Here is my story. I play a Buffet Prestige
bass clarinet in several bands but generally take lessons and practice on a
soprano Selmer 10G. A year or so ago I read on Klarinet of a man named
Stephen Fox who could make basset clarinets. He is in Toronto, Canada, at
104022.3105@-----. I began Email correspondence with him and he made
me a new lower joint for my Selmer which turns it into a basset clarinet in
Bb that goes down to low C. He made the fingering exactly like my bass
clarinet. The workmanship is so excellent that everyone who sees it assumes
that the whole clarinet is original Selmer. It is really impressive. (Of
course the original lower joint can be used if desired.) It has been my hands
now for a couple of months. It is superb! The thing that make me post this
note is that the tone of the instrument has been improved immensely not just
in the new notes but throughout its range. The new lower notes have a
gorgeous tone but the whole instrument is improved when the new joint is put
on. I read in Benade's book that this might be expected, not that I fully
understand it. At any rate now I have soprano and bass clarinets with
identical fingerings, both of which go down to low C. The basset joint makes
the soprano clarinet five inches longer than before which takes a little
getting used to but is no real problem. It is a real joy to jam by ear with
low D and C available!
Steve is a rare find and I would never have heard of him if it weren't for
Klarinet @-----. Thanks!

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