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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000350.txt from 1999/06

From: "Kevin Fay (LCA)" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Update on Brahms Trio manuscript
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 21:56:52 -0400

Mark got the last line of his message wrong. It should read "Cheers for
Mark" for the unpaid service to the clargeek world.

Mark--the manuscript has waited a hundred years for publication. We can
wait another week. Trust me.


-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Charette []
Subject: [kl] Update on Brahms Trio manuscript

Dear Listers,
I mentioned a while back that after putting the scan of the Mozart
Winterthur fragment up on Sneezy I would be putting a scan of the Brahms
Trio up. Well, Tony Pay did his part and I received a facsimile of the
Brahms Trio manuscript in the mail.

Now, the sad part. I had a large format scanner sitting in my office
that the boss said I could have. I took it home, plugged it in, and
found out why it had been sitting in the office. The boss is a packrat.
He can't bear to throw out equipment, whether it works or not. This
scanner, well, it had seen better days.

So, being the intrepid entrepreneur, I asked some buddies about scanning
it for me. One said his wife would do it for $3/page - _very_ reasonable
for a large format scan. About a hundred dollars for the manuscript. I
was all ready to pay the money & get it up on Sneezy (your donations,
sponsorships, and whatnot pay for this kind of thing) but ... wait ...

In Sunday's newspaper is this ad for an 11.7" X 17" scanner. $89.95.
Nah, I think, a misprint. Trudge over to the store. There it is, a
perfectly serviceable (300x600 dpi, 12 bit gray, 36 bit color) if
somewhat slow (via a parallel port) scanner. Perfect for the occasional
large format scan. Out comes the credit card, and I now have a large
format scanner for manuscripts.

But ....
I'm building a new computer for home (my old one is being used more and
more by the rest of the household) so I'm going to wait before starting
the scanning. I'm pretty busy most of this weekend, so it'll probably be
next weekend before I start putting the stuff online (36 pages of
manuscript) - but now I don't have any excuses for not getting new
manuscripts online.

It'll all get there. Like Anne Bell said, it's a never ending task - but
I enjoy doing it! Just thought I'd let you all know what's going on.


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