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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000283.txt from 1999/06

From: "Michael Bryant" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Re: Quintet minus one (or two) instruments/Misattributions
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 09:43:14 -0400

It is almost as if we have the beginnings of a book.
But we, as yet, lack an editor-benefactor like
Walter W Cobbett to commission the specialist chapters.
Which corporation would like to consider the plan?

Secondly, there is a wind quartet entitled Cassazione (fl cl hn bn)
attributed to Mozart by Arnold Andraud (Oboist in the Cincinnatic SO)
in about 1910 and published by Southern Music.
Although a manuscript set of parts exist in the collection
of compositions by Josef Lauber at Lausanne University,
Switzerland it is not his hand and he was probably
not the perpetrator of the fraud. These parts came from Berne
and are marked with the letters SJ (Sammlung Janisch).
indicating that they once belonged to the Sudaten-German
clarinettist, Herr Janisch who played in the Berne Symphony Orchestra.

According to evidence in the possession of Jon Gillaspie (among others)
the Cassazione is by Johann Georg Lickl (1767-1843), an Austrian
church musician. Along with the myths about Wagner's Adagio
by H Baermann and Weber's Introduction, Theme and Variations
by J Kueffner, it is time to lay this one to rest.

Mike Bryant

Edwin V. Lacy wrote [06 June 1999 15:49 Quintet minus one (or two)

Here is something that appeared some time ago on the double reed list,
courtesy of my bassoonist colleague, Christopher Weait, professor of
bassoon at Ohio State University:

>I am looking for music suggestions that would involve a quartet with one of
>the instruments missing. I already have some music for a woodwind quartet
>(quintet minus horn) and would like to know if there are other quintet
>one possibilities.

It is a VERY good idea to have some music in reserve for the occasions when
one of the quintet is late, sick, went to the wrong place, had a flat, or
missed the rehearsal (or the job) for all the human reasons it happens.
Here's my list of "emergency" pieces for quintet minus one player. The
ensemble should consider playing unaccompanied solos when a player is
missing for a performance.

without horn : (the repertoire for "pure ww quartet" is VERY strong. I
wonder why it is not played very often...)

A. Berger - Quartet in C major, Peters
Traditional Christmas - Carols for WW 4tet, arr. Lloyd Conley, Kendor
excellent arrangements; can be used with a variety of instruments
Goepfart - Quartet, Op.93 (in Andraud Coll'n), Southern
Jacob, G - Four Old Tunes, Emerson
Schickele - Seven Bagatelles, Elkan-Vogel

without oboe :
Eler - Quartet in F major, Op.11/1, Leuckart
Haydn, F.J. - Quartet No. 18 "The Serenade" arr. Nakagawa, Associated
Haydn, Joh. Michael (not Franz Joseph) - Divertimento in D, arr Lauschmann,
Hofmeister (published for 1101-1000 (Fl, Ob, Bn, Hn); Ob part can be played
by clarinet )
Rossini - Six Quartets, Schott

Duos or Trios without oboe

without clarinet :
Haydn, Joh. Michael (not Franz Joseph) - Divertimento in D, arr Lauschmann,
Hofmeister (see note above)

Duos or Trios without clarinet

without flute :
Hovhaness - Divertimento for Four Winds, Op.61/5, Peters
Stamitz, K. - Bläserquartett, Es-dur, Op.8/2, (arr. Weigelt) Leuckart or
McGinnis and Marx (arr. Gunther Schuller)

Duos or Trios without flute.

without a bassoonist :

Duos or Trios without bassoon :

Arnold, M - Divertimento for Flute, Oboe and Clarinet is a fine piece
To Chris's fine recommendations, I might add:

Sonatinetta by Ernst Toch for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon

Caprice on Danish Airs by Ravel for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Piano

Ed Lacy

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