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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000247.txt from 1999/06

From: "Michael Bryant" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Repertoire
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 03:03:11 -0400

The repertoire guide book by Aulich and Heimeran (1936)
originally German but with the English title
"The Well Tempered String Quartet"
has a section with headings such as
"Emergency Number One - The second fiddle (vn)
has clean forgotten to turn up! Inevitable consequence
- a string trio. Emergency Number Two - no cello,
Emergency No Three - no viola"
There is not such book for wind, but there should be!

There is no music for this group using 2 flutes (2fl ob cl hn)
It does not help to put the second flute on an oboe part

Music for 2fl ob cl bn include the Elgar quintets (Belwin o/p)
which have very simple clarinet parts.
Also works exist for 2fl 2cl bass cl, 2fl 2cl bn, 2fl cl hn bn....
So one should make arrangements of one's own
or transpose the bassoon parts

The wind quartet without without bassoon
is the rarest of all quartets formed from a wind quintet
with one absent member. Here is a list of works provided
by the best flute repertoire guide "Flute Litterature"
by Pierre Pierreuse, Transatlantique, Paris
(1982 and still in print at about 75 usd)

Adrian Cruft, Dance Movements, Elkin
Ivan Erod, Ricecare ed Aria, Doblinger(+bass clarinet)
Grieg (arr. Cafarella), Norwegian Dance Op 48/28, Volkwien
Lionel Nowak, Suite, ACA
William Pearson, The Hunt, Chappell
Willy Schneider, Little Quartet, Moeseler/Aulos series - this is playable

I also have the wind quartet (Dechovy Kvartet 1989) for these instruments
by the Czech composer Stepan Lucky, (phon. LUTSKY) but it is moderately
It came from a 'sale' (a heap of music on the floor)
at that boundless resource "The Czech Music Fund" hire library -
a free international lending library service up to 1989, but no longer free.

Therefore my first choice solution would be to ask
the flutes negotiate and the horn to play an alto
saxophone part! if there is no objection to playing
Blues, Charlstons, and Foxtrots.
Stephan de Hann has arranged 10 easy dances
from Seiber's "Dance Suite" (originally for piano, 1932)
for fl ob cl bn/sx which all work well. Published by Schott 12429

Michael Bryant

Gaku SATO wrote [06 June 1999 03:06 Repertoire]

>A friend of mine is looking for some wind chamber pieces
>without bassoon (for example, Fl2,Ob,Cl,Hr).
>Does anyone know such a kind of good pieces which are NOT
>so difficult to play.
>Gaku SATO
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