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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000224.txt from 1999/06

From: "Michael Bryant" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Reicha: Quinete in Bb (Clar/String Qrt.)
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 04:26:37 -0400

Some recordings of Reicha's Clarinet Quintet (op89)

a) Listed in Schwann Opus:
Wolfhard Pencz with K 581 Divox DVX 29105,
Jean-Louis Sajot with Reicha's Octet Op96, Pierre Verany PV 789101 (1989)
Vastimil Mares with Reicha's Oboe Quintet played on clarinet Supraphon SU
0051-2131 (1994/5)
Charles Neidich with Hummel Quartet and Weber Quintet Sony SK 57968

b) Others listed Richard Gilbert
Wendelin Gaertner (LP) with Vogel Bassoon Quartet Musica Rara MUS 43
Lux Brahn (LP) with Hummel Quartet Pan 130 060 (1981)
Piet Honingh (LP) BASF 39 2186
James Campbell with the Francaix Quintet Crystal C-732 and Marquis Marc 333
Bohuslav Zahradnik (LP) with Reicha Horn Quintet Op 106 Supraphon 1111 3590
Sarah Frances oboe (mistakenly attributed to Thea King) with quintets by
Kreutzer and Crusell
Hyperion CDA 99143

I have not heard Honingh (7 key clarinet pioneer), Pencz or Niedich is this.
Reicha's Octet, by his own standards, is a dull piece.
So that rules out Sajot as a purchase
Mares is good and the only clarinettist to play
the other quintet (oboe) which is offered in a clarinet edition by Zamboni
Richard Gilbert's list drops the last 4 figures of Mares's CD number.
Niedich you all know. But if you are interested
to hear the Hummel Quartet you MUST hear the new recording
by Fabrizio Meloni on Naxos 8.554280. He has been solo clarinet
at La Scala since 1984 and in chamber music is the absolute master
of the musical understatement. Wonderful, wonderful playing.
Very sophisticaled. So his Brahms and Mozart Quintets are
highly recommended too on Fonit Centra CDC 80 (1994)
Gaertner is second clarinet to Kloecker when required
Lux Brahn is a Swiss clarinettist and a doctor's wife. Several recordings
for Jecklin
James Campbell's coupling is the Francaix Clarinet Quintet
and one of Francaix's less successful works. It cannot be made to sparkle.
Zahradnik died tragically as the result of a climbing accident aged about
40. Hang on to that one.
Richard Gilbert lists an Oboe Quintet CD (Sarah Francis) by mistake
The Kreutzer Quintet exists in a 19th century edition for clarinet but is
very poor stuff
The Crusell Divertimento is fine

After all that, a nine year old listener should not be without James
Campbell's Stolen Gems!
(Marquis ERAC 119). Might entertain his or her parents too; Molly on the
Chanson de Matin, Blue Rondo a la Turk, Bach Goes to Town, etc.

Mike Bryant

James Leonard Hobby wrote [05 June 1999 02:27 Reicha: Quinete in Bb
(Clar/String Qrt.)]

>Please recommend a CD of Anton Reicha's Quintet in Bb for Clarinet & String
>Quartet, Op. 89. (My nine-year-old copy of OPUS only lists Zahradnik &
>Panocha Quartet, but there are 2-3 others found in the search.)
>Thanks, Jim
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