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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000145.txt from 1999/06

From: "Michael Bryant" <>
Subj: Re: Re(2): [kl] Finzi's 5 Bagatelles and Concerto
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 07:24:35 -0400

Thank you for your message and for taking
the trouble to do a Japanese translation.

I believe the notes for the Sony CD (SRCR 2261)
"The Scent of Great Britain" were prepared
by Mr Hirai in Nishinomiya, with a little help
from me on the fax machine. He is very reliable
source of information about the clarinet world,
especially to do with Japan and provides a
regular column for "The Clarinet". I would like him
to accept some credit for his extremely thorough

This Sony CD of English music contains a hand
written note from my teacher Pamela Weston.
Otherwise unfortunately, except for Victor VCCC-170
(all French music), which also has a very short note
in English, the CDs of Mr Akasaka have not yet been
prepared for export, having notes only in Japanese.
maybe there are future plans.

I have 4 of them:
Ophelia EMI TOCZ 9269
Bernstein Sonata - Stravinsky 3 Pieces -
Yoshimatsu 4 Pieces in Bird Shape -
Nagao Ophelia - Rabaud Solo de concours -
Sarasate Gypsy Mood - Horowitz Sonatina

Orange Note ON 3007
Messager Solo de concours - Cahuzac Cantilene -
Camus Badinerie - Bozza Bucolique -
Templeton Sonata No 2 - Debussy Rhapsodie etc., -
Pierne Canzonetta - Bartok 3 Folksongs -
Weiner 2 Movements -St Saens Romance
and 2 anon. dances with double bass added

Victor VICC 170
Francaix Theme and variations -
Dautremer Recitative and Impromptu -
St Saens Sonata - Contant "For Clarinet"
Debussy Petite Piece - Damase Sonata

Sony SRCR 2261
Finzi Bagatelles - Simon and Garfunkel/Trad. Scarborough Fair
Hurlstone 4 Characteristic Pieces
Lennon and McCartney "Fool on the Hill"
Templeton Sonata No 1 - Arnold Sonatina
Irish trad. Londonderry Air

Tatasuka Akasaka is certain a player
that more of us should hear - although
I am not an enthusiast of the superstar
publicity machine to be strictly honest.

Michael Bryant

From: Mr Fujimoto 03 June 1999 09:23 Finzi's 5 Bagatelles and Concerto

>>Michael Bryant [99/05/25 19:35]:
>>I am sorry there is no answer to this question
>>which is a bit like asking why lieder is small scale
>>and symphonies are large.
>>As it happens the Five Bagatelles were written for Pauline Juler
>>who stopped playing when she married
>>and the Concerto was written with the
>>technical help of a school boy, Stephen Trier,
>>who happened to played the clarinet and lived
>>in the next village to Finzi's.
>Thank you very much for your response.
>I took the liberty of translating your message
>into Japanese, and shared it with some clarinet
>lovers in Japan.
>I happened to find a "master class" article on
>the Five Bagatelles written by David Campbell
>in the latest issue of The Clarinet of the
>International Clarinet Association.
>Your reply has helped me understanding the
>In Tokyo, it is relatively easy to find and purchase
>Finzi's 5 Bagatelles and Concerto. Many clarinet
>lovers know the Bagatelles because AKASKA Tatsuzo
>, one of the most popular clarinetists here, recorded
>them last year. I find you contributed to the liner note
>of the CD.
>fujimoto takushi
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