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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000027.txt from 1999/06

From: "Kevin Fay (LCA)" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Kaspar Mouthpieces
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 15:15:30 -0400

Jack Kissinger noted:

<<<There have been four Kaspars on the eBay auction over the last few weeks,
of which apparently have not been refaced and one refaced by Matson. The
selling prices were as follows:

5/9 Cicero#11--$547.50
5/30 Cicero#13--$645.00
5/30 Ann Arbor * Superb--$421.00
5/31 Ann Arbor (no model designated) refaced by Matson--$710.00>>>

I have no problem with the invisible hand of capitalism--if these people
want a Kaspar that badly, they can pay these prices.

I also happen to believe that they are insane. At these prices, that
mouthpiece had better wash my car while I'm playing the gig--

There is no question that mouthpieces are important--IMHO, more important
than the clarinet as far as tone is concerned. And sure--lots of old guys
got a pretty good tone on Kaspars. There are, however, lots and lots and
lots of younger players (both guys and gals) who get BETTER tones on newer
mouthpieces, all of which you can get for a boatload less money. Not only
that, Mr. Kaspar is quite dead--he can't sit down with you and fine tune a
mouthpiece to your dental structure & playing style while you're sitting
there, like Pyne/Johnston/Smith/Fobes can.

There's a similar insanity in the saxophone world. Michael Brecker gets a
nice (for rock) tenor tone on a Guardela. Consequently, you can now be
relieved of $600 for a stock mouthpiece. Never mind that there are lots of
makers whose sonically identical pieces sell for 1/5 as much--when you
slaving away at idol worship, there is no ceiling on price.


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