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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000937.txt from 1999/04

Subj: [kl] boobam
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 11:16:15 -0400

Tony Pay writes,
>One interesting thing about boobams is that their sound is like the sound of

>(Perhaps the closest decscription is: a slaptongue bass clarinet.)>

>That's because a set of boobams is a series of vertically mounted
cylingdrical tubes of varying length, each covered at one end with drumskin.>

>So the acoustics are of a cylindrical tube closed at one end -- i.e., the
same as for a clarinet.>

Since I don't own a bass clarinet, I haven't tried this exact experiment. I
did try slap-tongue on my alto clarinet (what a concept, come to think of it
... hot jazz for nerds?), with the skeptical expectation that it would just
sound like the same old familiar wind instrument, phooey. I guess that's
because I don't think rattlesnake tastes like chicken, either. Last time I
ate rattlesnake meat, it tasted like the last thing the snake ate was a
stinkbug. I know what a stinkbug tastes like because I ate one when I was
about two years old. (Mom said, "NO! Drop it! Don't put that in your
mouth!" so of course, being terrible two, I gobbled the critter. Trust me,
that is not a forgettable taste.) More recently, I accepted a bite of the
diamondback pot pie that a friend ordered in a restaurant, because tasting
was apparently the only way to stop him from coaxing me by repeatedly
thrusting a dripping forkful at me across the table. He keeps a "Species
Eaten" list. I don't. Not since the stinkbug. But slap-tongue on an alto
clarinet gave a rather interesting sound. I had trouble with squeaking if I
tried to play slap loudly on alto, but at low volume, in the lowest
half-octave, the sound did indeed resemble a softly-played boobam. Or a
recording, played back at slow speed, of the ominous rattle of a snake of
mythical size.


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